3 Methods to Convert AZW3 to PDF

Have you ever tried to download some Kindle books from Amazon’s official website in the “Manage Content and Devices” page and got some AZW3 files? Do you want to convert those AZW3 files to PDF to read in your favourite PDF reader? If you do, then you come the right place. Here I can share with you 3 methods to convert AZW3 to PDF.

Method 1. Convert AZW3 to PDF Online

There are many online tools that can convert AZW3 files to PDF format, such as ZAMZAR, Convertio.co. Here I just take ZAMZAR as an example. All the online tools work similarly.

To convert AZW3 to PDF online, you just need to go to the site in your browser. Then add the AZW3 files, choose PDF as the output format, and click “Convert Now.” Usually, the conversion would be completed soon.

Conversion Failed?

If you are told that the “conversion failed”, it probably means your AZW3 file is locked, which cannot be converted only when you get rid of the password. For such AZW3 files, please go ahead to the Method 3 to handle them.

Method 2. Convert AZW3 to PDF with Calibre

Calibre is a powerful ebook management tool equipped with the ebook conversion function. It supports a lot of input formats including AZW3.

To convert AZW3 files to PDF with Calibre, first add your AZW3 books to the Calibre library, select the book, and click the button “Convert books” at the top menu bar. In the next pop-up window, choose PDF as the output format and then click “OK” to start the conversion.

The conversion process is often finished in a few seconds. After that, you will see there is a PDF option for this book.

Conversion error?

If you get a window which says conversion error, you’re likely to come across the same situation as the online tool in the Method 1. Equally, please head on to the Method 3 to get things done.

Method 3. Convert AZW3 to PDF with a Professional AZW3 Converter

A powerful AZW3 Converter should handle all AZW3 files no matter they are locked or unlocked. That is the reason why I would like to share with you a another more professinal AZW3 Converter here.

Download AZW3 Converter for Windows here

Download AZW3 Converter for Mac here

To handle the locked AZW3 files with this AZW3 converter, you’re required to have a Kindle e-ink device such as Kindle basis, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis and etc. (Kindle Fire tablet is not supported.)

Before you start, please find your Kindle serial number of your Kindle e-ink device on the Manage and Content Devices page. (Or if you keep your Kindle device in hand, you just need to plug it to your computer via a USB cable.)

Now open the AZW3 Converter, click the button “User Center” in the upper-right corner, then go to the “Settings” — “Kindle” — fill in your Kindle serial number — click “OK”. (If you have plugged your Kindle device to your computer, you don’t need to take this step since the tool can automatically detect your Kindle serial number once plugged in.)

Next, close the setttings window and go back to the main interface of this AZW3 Converter. To convert AZW3 to PDF, just drag and drop your AZW3 files to this tool, you will find that they are unlocked immediately. Then continue to click the button “Convert to PDF” at the bottom. When it’s finished, you can get the PDF files for your AZW3 books.

If you still receive an error, please make sure your you’ve copied your Kindle Serial Number of your device to the Settings of this AZW3 Converter, or you’ve plugged your device to your computer. And then try once again.

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