Best ACSM Converter, Convert ACSM to PDF/ePub Online

Today, I tried to download an ebook online from one of my favourite ebook site. However, what I got is an ACSM file, which was not a normal ebook file, and I didn’t find a tool to open the ACSM file at that time. After doing some research, I got the message that “ACSM is a download link which contains information about downloading the digital contents”.

At first, I tried to convert ACSM to PDF online in a site. Just like the below picture shows. I uploaded the ACSM file and started the conversion.

The page would turn to another where you can download the PDF file.

When I got the PDF file, I opened it but only to find that there were only unintelligible codes. No real significant contents!

I didn’t find any other online ACSM Converter that can do the job. If anyone find one, welcome to leave your comments.

After that, I tried a professinal ebook tool that helped me convert ACSM files successfully. So next I would share with you how I took the steps.

First, open the ACSM files with Adobe Digital Editions.

Adobe Digital Editions is an official tool to open ACSM files. Just drag the .acsm file to Adobe Digital Editions interface. A window will show the uploading progress. During the process, we must keep our internet well connected, otherwise the .acsm won’t be downloaded to real ebook file.

After the acsm is uploaded to Adobe Digital Editions, the book would be opened and you can start to read it on the ADE. You can also right-click the book cover>click Item Info to check the storing location of the ebook files.

By default, the Adobe Digital Editions books are stored here:

For Windows: C:\Users\Your username\Documents\My Digital Editions

For Mac: Users/Your username/Digital Editions

Now, you will find the books now are all converted to EPUB or PDF files.

Amazing, right? That’s all the steps I took to convert my acsm files to PDF and EPUB. Hope that this post would help you in some way to open an ACSM file.

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